Kristi Coulter

There are so many things I love about this article. I’m a 48 year-old mom of 2 young boys (i started late…I was busy) and have spent countless hours thinking about the amount of alcohol I, and most women in my social circle, drink. I actually wrote about it for a local magazine. If you’re interested, here’s the link to my profile —you can scroll down to find it — it’s a 2 part piece I wrote in Feb/March of this year: http://motifri.com/author/kim-kinzie/. This isn’t a plug…just something i thought you mind find of interest. I didn’t consider the feminist angle and it makes me want to go back and amend my piece. Everything you say is so spot on though…you can’t be a woman; you have to be a woman fitting into a man’s world. As a former prosecutor, I often had to fit into a man’s world as I was surrounded by male cops, judges, lawyers, clerks and probation officers. I personally found it easy to fit in; much of that included drinking with and talking like the boys. I don’t regret it b/c it felt ok at the time and it served me well. I just resent, however, that the women who couldn’t morph so easily were considered weak, or bitchy, or uninteresting, or femi-nazis. Men do not have this problem. I’m hoping to raise my boys to be the type of men who appreciate women as they are. Wish me luck…

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