Forge Fellowship

The Roosevelt Institute is excited to launch the Forge Fellowship! This fellowship is a stipended opportunity for 5–8 students currently enrolled at community colleges and public universities across the country that do not have an existing Roosevelt chapter on their campus. Participants will be trained in core policy, organizing, and base-building skills, and receive one-on-one guidance from Roosevelt staff and alumni as they build chapters and launch policy projects.

When is the Fellowship?
 The fellowship will start with eight weeks over the summer: June 4th through July 27th. Upon completion of summer programming, Fellows will be funded to travel to the Roosevelt Institute’s annual student retreat in Hyde Park, NY from August 9–12th. Students will then return to campus for the 2018–2019 school year with a stipend and support from an alumni mentor to build their chapter and pursue their policy project.

Who should apply?

  • Community college and public university students who will not be graduating or transferring in the next academic year.
  • Students whose schools are located in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, New York, California, and Arizona.
  • Students must have consistent access to technology (internet, phone, computer) throughout the course of the fellowship.
  • Students who are not already part of the Roosevelt Network and whose campuses do not already have a Roosevelt chapter.

 Students should complete the Fellowship in or near the community where they attend school (or in some cases, elsewhere if they have relocated for summer employment).

What’s the time commitment?
Over the summer, each Forge Fellow is expected to complete 10–12 hours per week. Some of this time will be spent in mandatory training webinars and staff check-ins, and some of it will be independent work researching and drafting campus-specific materials. When Fellows return to campus after the summer, they may structure their time based on their schedule as they work to build their chapter and implement their policy projects on campus. Fellows will have regular check-ins with an alumni mentor to discuss progress toward their goals, and opportunities for in-person collaboration with alumni and/or other fellows.

Is the Fellowship paid?
Each Forge Fellow will be paid a stipend of $1,500 for the summer, alongside receiving a $200 budget for any work expenses incurred that will be available to use during the summer and when Fellows return to campus. Fellows will also receive a travel stipend to travel to Hyde Park, NY to attend the annual Roosevelt Institute student retreat from August 9–12th, 2018. Upon successful completion of summer programming, each participant will receive funding to support the continuation of their work during the school year on campus.

When do I apply?
 Applications will open March 20th and close April 20th.

How do I apply?
 Each candidate should complete the below application form. Fellowship candidates should also be prepared for a short phone conversation with a Roosevelt staff member.

Why is it called the Forge Fellowship?
 The Forge Fellowship is dedicated in memory of Reese Neader. Reese worked in communities across the country whose voices were not being heard in national politics by building civic infrastructure in order to address the unique challenges faced by these communities. Reese recognized the untapped potential for progressive power in many of our diverse, hardworking, and often overlooked communities, largely in the Midwest and South. His life’s work was dedicated to building that power: he founded Forge Columbus to encourage civic innovation in Ohio, worked for the Obama campaign as the Youth Vote Director in Pennsylvania, and served as Policy Director for the Roosevelt Institute. This Fellowship seeks to empower a new generation of those like Reese who enthusiastically envision and push for progressive policy change in their communities.

Originally published at Roosevelt Institute.