UFSMM Student takes on the #SEOChat

The twitter chat that I took part in was the #SEOChat moderated by Paul Thompson. This chat focused on how well on-page search engine optimizations (SEO) have adapted to many recent shifts. This discussion was one that I had long been interested in participating in as a University of Florida Social Media Management student.

  • My Introduction:

The moderator asked us to all say hello and share if this was our first twitter chat or if we were regulars.

*Q1: “How has your keyword research/usage changed for on-page work? ‪#seochat” -Paul Thompson Paul Thompson

My initial reaction was to sit back and wait for the other responses to this question, because I was not confident in my response. However, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and post my answer right away.


After posting, I was so shocked to see all the positive feedback I received back for my thoughts. People were so encouraging and really made me feel confident in my own knowledge on the subject at hand.

*Q2: “We talked about voice search last week — how much has it impacted the terms/phrases you optimise for? ‪#seochat” -Paul Thompson

A2: This question was a more difficult one for me, as I didn’t feel I had enough experience with voice search to answer it. However I was able to read all of the responses from the chat, and learn a lot about this subject. It felt good to see that you can still be a part of the discussion through likes, replies, and retweets, even without giving an answer for a question.

*Q3: “Google just announced mobile-first index likely months away — is it changing your approach to on-page optimisation? ‪#seochat” -Paul Thompson @thompsonpaul


*Q4: “Aside from typical business/address markup, is Schema usage something you’re focusing on? If so, what types? ‪#seochat” -Paul Thompson @thompsonpaul

A4: This was another instance where I knew that I would be more beneficial to the group by watching and learning from the other responses, instead of trying to answer every question asked. In fact it was during this question and answer period where I made better connections with those posting. Below is a funny exchange between Paul Thomson (the #SEOChat moderator), Matthew Young (the SEO Consultant at @Adobe), and myself.

*Q5: “Because it came up in a recent chat- Do ADA compliance/accessibility requirements come up more often? ‪#seochat” -Paul Thompson @thompsonpaul


This one was super straightforward, and everyone had pretty much the same answer.

*Q6: “With January’s page security warnings for Login/CC pages, is HTTPS still a push or are we pretty much there? ‪#seochat” -Paul Thompson @thompsonpaul

A6: I chose to again just listen and learn from the other participant’s posts during this question. Everyone that posted all seemed to say that there was definitely still a push for HTTPS, despite the page security warnings.

*Q7: “Is page speed part of your on-page optimisation these days, or is that left to the infrastructure team? ‪#seochat” -Paul Thompson @thompsonpaul


This was the final question asked, and I felt comfortable enough with this group to address my ignorance on the subject, but my tweet was well liked and retweeted.

*Final Thoughts:

I loved participating in this Twitter chat. I went in feeling very nervous and unqualified to give my thoughts on this subject, however by the end I felt supported and confident in my own knowledge. Search the #SEOChat hashtag on Twitter to see when the next Twitter Chat will begin!

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