Life…like it’s supposed to be.

Life is…beautiful? Good? Or is it just OK? Stop for a minute and think, if everything is fine with your life. Usually everything is fine. For a while. Then comes problems. But that’s how it’s supposed to be, right?

We, guys from KK Life think, that we’re on the right road that’s called LIVING, not SURVIVING. But, of course, everything is not as beautiful as it seems. There should be some bad things. For now, the only things that are bad are money, ignorance of governments and ignorance of society or you can just say — it’s the current system. Old and no longer working system. But there are some good news — this system is collapsing. More and more every day.

We can SEE it, we can HEAR it, we can FEEL it. Spiritual Revolution is approaching. And we can say one thing — It’s going to be beautiful. Why, you ask? Generations are changing. Generations who respect each other. Generations, who want to know more, to see more, to do more and to experience more. Generations who actually care. And most importantly, generations, who don’t have any blinders on their eyes. That’s a world, where people can feel like human beings.

Everyone, just stop for a minute. Do you really think that you can’t change anything? Everything you need to do, is to change yourself. Yes, this saying is getting too old. But can truer words be ever spoken? If you want a world, where you’re respected, loved, where others help you, where others listen and support your ideas, a world where you don’t need to spend hard work in order to achieve something, then just do these things to others. It’s even proven with quantum physics, that law of attraction exists. Everything you do for other people and for this world, will come back to you in even bigger amounts. That’s the thing, that people will understand during the spiritual revolution.

But there are some problems, we need to fix.

The problem, why people lack respect for other countries, other races or other nationalities, is because they’re just missing this emotional bond. One of the easiest ways to change it, is to travel. Especially in 2015, when travelling has never been easier. People meet other people through couchsurfing, voluntary work, Erasmus, festivals, etc. People who communicate, laugh, party together and just help each other, are the ones who have this emotional bond. The more we get to know about each other, the more we understand each other. And respect each other.

The problem, why people think, that without hard work they can’t achieve anything, is that we are VERY big materialists. We have too much addiction for money. Money determines, how long will we work, what will we eat, what will we wear, with what will we drive, for what we will not have time, with what kind of people we will be together, will anyone write or talk about us in the internet etc. But most important, money determines how GOOD or BAD will we be. And we can give you a clue — it only makes us evil. If we do something good only for the money, then it’s just a fake goodness. Money gives us comfort, not happiness. Period. How to be happy, do good and earn money? Just don’t think about it. Do what you love, make other people lives better with what you do and I guarantee, the money will come to you. Law of attraction. Quantum physics. What else do you need to believe it? If Shia LaBeouf can’t make you do it, then just look around you. Look at the Big Picture! There are so many people in this world that have understood the principles of living, not surviving.

And the problem, why we’re not supported and listened enough, is the ignorance of society. Not the ignorance of governments. If you want to change something, don’t talk with the government. Talk with the society. With the same people like you. And if you can convince the society to do something, the government will just have to agree.

They say that there are two important days in your life. First, it’s the day you are born. And second, it’s the day you understand why.
So…how are you today?
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