Angular Material provides a lot of components to build rich apps using Material Design. One of them is a MatPaginator to control list or table pages. Additionally, it contains labels to inform a user about the current page or displayed elements range. The problem occurs when a developer tries to translate above-mentioned pieces of information using the most popular library to translating for Angular — @ngx-translate. The package is based on async translation with just in time change of selected language using RxJS Observables. On the other hand, MatPaginatorIntl — service with paginator translation — store labels as a string

It’s time to start!

I’d like to introduce a new blog dedicated to developers who search through a whole internet to find the best solutions in the front end world. My name is Konrad Klimczak. I work as a Senior Front End Developer at Comarch. Currently, I work with Location Based Services based on Angular stack technology including @ngrx and Leaflet libraries.

This post is only the beginning of my road with blogging. So, I will get to work on my first full post about technology and publish here soon!

See you later!

Konrad Klimczak

Senior JS Developer in BinarApps. Working with Angular, ngrx, rxjs, leaflet.

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