Andela boot camp- first experience

I have to say my first Andela boot camp experience was great. But before I begin let me take you back to events that led me to landing in Andela.

So, one evening while I was busy browsing my Facebook something caught my eye are you interested in becoming a world class developer. I then started the application process which was quite easy for me. Few days after my application I got a message from Andela where they sent me a curriculum invitation. This simply involved a series of home study material and quizzes that ensures you quit understand the material. A completion of this home study material successfully guaranteed me an interview spot. The interview was so relaxing at times I almost forgot I was being interviewed .and that’s how I finally got myself to Andela.

Up to today I didn’t know that there was a place that makes you feel special and comfortable to work while at the same time surrounded by brilliant minds until I landed to Andela. Even before we began the main agenda we were introduced to fun games. By fun I mean very interactive field games where we get to jump and run around. The games were a very cool way we got to know and interact with each other.

And so, the main session began where we were introduced to the great Andela facilitators. Guys who had managed to make it past the boot camp. One by one they introduced themselves and just from their introduction I could tell that the day was going to be fun and enjoyable. We began with a simple introduction to test driven development in python where we had to create a simple program and see whether it could pass some certain tests. One thing that amazed me was how everyone was willing to engage and come up with crazy ideas to go about the problem.

Andela offers great lunch. I wonder if they also offer programs for world class chief chef. The lunch session was so lively I was surprised to see the director of Andela on one of the bench with other fellow Andelans.

The afternoon session was intense. that’s when we began writing the codes in python, testing them and uploading to our respective GitHub account. Frankly speaking at times, I found myself lost thanks to my friend Barney, he always kept me on track. The magnitude of collaboration in that room was great thanks to it I learnt a couple of tricks. For instance, if you wish to run python comfortably just use pycharm ide it will save you the amount of time and energy.

In summary, I can say that Andela is like an extension of home. A place where you can grow your technological career while at the same time have fun and meet new amazing people.

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