1 of MANY ways to absolute path setup in Create React App

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I know I know, there are way too many articles regarding this. I myself went on google to trying to figure out how to add absolute path functionality so I can go from

import MyButton from ../../components/Button/MyButton.jsx


import Button from 'components/Button/MyButton.jsx'

As I was researching I realized OMG there are way too many ways to do this. The frustration was so REAL.

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There were some solutions that worked based on the comments in the github issues but I realized some vital steps were missing. Without further ado this is the quick and easy way to setup proper aliasing.

  1. Create a project via create-react-app
  2. npm run eject to eject the application
  3. Go into both your config/webpack.config.dev.js and config/webpack.prod.js file
  4. Add the following in your alias object
alias: {
'components': path.resolve('src/components'), // This is ours!!
'react-native': 'react-native-web'

5. At this point you should create a components folder under src and test if it works properly. (Example setup below)

# App.js
import React, { Component } from 'react';
import Button from 'components/Button';
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Side note:

"moduleFileExtensions": [ ....]
"moduleDirectories": ["node_modules", "src"] // This is ours!!
"babel": {


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