Kostantino Kondiles

Period: 7


Chanels New Walkway

Everyone dreams about becoming rich one day and purchasing that new giant house, nice sports car, and fancy clothing. My question is how do these companies have success when their consumers are not very common. In this ad it shows two women standing side to side but at different distances, the two women are wearing chanel and look like they are in more of a city type of environment. Chanel is a very prestigious brand and in every ad published they always try to show a sense of luxury. The brand Chanel uses many techniques to lure their customers into purchasing their product and gives them a feeling of need for it. In this specific ad I chose, I thought that they did a horrible job at appealing to their consumers. The reason my opinion is more of a negative standpoint is mainly because of how they used advertisment techniques and their placement of objects. The USP being used here is very difficult to notice because of the poor advertisement, but I believe that the USP here is that wearing chanel always makes you stand out from the common crowd no matter what environment you are in. The social norm hear is that when people see luxurious clothing, they think of women, and for this ad it would be middle aged women. The reason for that is because middle aged women usually have their life in order with a career and family already acquired. I know men can be fashionable too, but the point is women buy a lot more clothing than men and are always looking for the latest trends in clothing. I know that saying men are the main bread winners when it comes to supporting a relationship or family is sexest, but the truth is men rarely care about their clothing. The reason for this is because we take less time trying to get ready to impress others with our appearance. In society, men are viewed as the hardworking individuals, while the ladies are the ones that should be treated like a goddess from their man by having them purchase items that make them feel happy. Throughout this ad chanel uses many visual strategies, the first strategy being used is arrangment, they use this strategy by having two women on opposite sides which allows the consumers eye to travels on both ends of the ad, which I felt they used well. The placement of the camera was used poorly because when I see high end clothing brands, I usually think of someone with higher power than me and that’s where they should have angled the camera at a higher height distance. The framing in this ad was used perfectly by having the long fence and street as support. The color in this ad was being used poorly because they didn’t use all the advantages from the color technique. They only use color as a gender appeal by having the clothing a pink color, rather than using cool or hot colors to appeal to the consumers emotions. The lighting in the ad was great because the clothing brand is trying to pursue a summer type of style and that’s exactly what it is, a nice sunny day. The eye attraction here is the women closest in the ad and actually draws you to the opposite side of the ad and allows to leave through the bottom left. I believe that this strategy was used in a ok way because normally we enter through the left side and exit through the bottom, but in this particular ad it is the opposite. There is no slogan, headline, or body copy in this ad, but they have a logo which is the word Chanel in all white. The appeal being used here is the need for prominence because it is a fancy brand using very beautiful women to appeal to other normal looking women so they can feel more confident and sexy. overall, I felt displeased about how they used their techniques to appeal to societies consumers. Chanel did a horrible job at appealing to their consumers in this ad and I wouldn’t expect them to be making a ton of sales this summer. The way they used their techniques was the opposite of normal, they decided to flip flop the original visual techniques and not have any information or headlines about the product. The appeal was also a failure because it’s very broad and not demanding when it comes to their target audience. If they allowed this ad to be published, i’m sure that a normal human being will look at it for about two seconds and have their attention drawn by something else.

Jason Block @knightsmediaanalysis

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