Cults isolate people from friends + family.

Communities bring people together.

There are many recent movements that people deride as “cults” but are actually communities.

This feeling is motivated something other than a genuine concern for the people involved.

A few examples of movements that are doing good:

1. Soulcycle. Although it may not be for everyone, the general message of exercise as a group is motivating for people. It leads people who would not typically exercise to do so and look forward to it. A good thing on balance. These better people are then sent back into the world to be happy productive members of society.

2. The Big Quiet. Recently held in the oculus by the world trade center, its a mass meditation event. Images of the event streamed online spurred derision as a cult. In reality, people take part once in a while and then spread the good back to their friends and family as productive members of society.

3. CrossFit has its many detractors and supporters. But, no matter whether you disagree with its training methods, it is not a cult. It gives people a tool to better themselves. And then sends them out into the world to be productive members of society.

Now compare these to actual cults:

1. Heaven’s Gate. A group that isolated its 39 members for years culminating in a mass suicide.

2. Jonestown. A group that isolated its members in South America and led to mass suicide when the going was beginning to get tough.

3. Scientology. A group that isolates its members from their family and friends who are critical and forces them to pay enormous sums to stay in the group.

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