Thoughts on Thesis + Reflection

Cover of my Thoughts on Thesis Book Design Dictionary

This project was really helpful for me in thinking about thesis. I have been pretty set on the idea of narrative and knew that is what I wanted to do, but this was a great project to actually see how to apply that idea into a piece of design. In my thesis project I really want to focus on the balance between text and image and the importance these both have in working together. I knew I wanted to frame my book as a dictionary because I wanted the words to be just as important as the visual, and I think descriptive language can be as important in storytelling as visual imagery.

I have to say the binder clip binding grew on me a little over the course of this project, but although I like the way it looks and the fact that it makes the book editable, I don’t think it works best for my design style. I really like to design over the entire spread and love to have, especially visual, elements cross over the spine, and with this binding style the middle of the spread is completely lost.

I was really happy with how this project came out, because I really felt like I hit my stride in using the silhouettes to respond to the words I chose for my dictionary and tell a story with the images. I do think I will continue to work on this book because as I was designing and putting these silhouettes into the book, I noticed that as I was designing them to respond to the language, I was writing stories about them in my head, giving them a reason to be there. I would have loved to have more time on this project so I could write short stories, prose, or poems to go along with each scene I created with the silhouettes, so that is probably where I will continue with this project.

Some of my favorite spreads from the book


Overall I thought this semester was such a huge learning experience for me. I feel like I really honed into the styles and process of design that I really enjoy and am drawn too. I was able to explore so many different types of design that I hadn’t before. I got to learn about and try out information design with Impact + Empathy. I was able to experiment with installation and environment design with the sculptural pieces we made for Design in Question. And develop my ideas on narrative design with Thoughts on Thesis. This semester of studio was really helpful for me because I felt like I had the freedom to try so many new things and experiment with different types of design. It was also really nice to have so much freedom over content and design things about subjects I was actually interested in. I learned so much this semester and I feel that it really prepared me for working on thesis next semester. Thank you to James and Jordan for being great resources and helping me out so much throughout this semester ❤




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