Why I savor my 2 hour commute every day!

Not a long commute person? Me neither! Recently, my husband Abhi and I moved a little farther away from the hub into our first home. We love our new place. It is warm, cozy, and slowly becoming home, but the only complaint we have is the commute. The first week of our move I was annoyed and frustrated, though I soon realized I spend a significant amount of time travelling and that I should use my commute wisely.

My morning commute is close to 2 hours and is starting to become my favorite part of the day. It is time I have to myself and I have started to do things to enrich my commute. For me, it is a scrumptious breakfast and a strong cup of coffee before I start the journey. Here are ‘7’ other things that have made me savor long commutes

1. Focus on yourself

Don’t start working as soon as you get into the train or bus. Take your time. It is hard to find time for yourself in this busy world. So relax and focus on self-productivity.

2. Create a playlist

It has been shown that music can put you in a better mood, and from experience I can tell you that it is true. Create a commute playlist of music that makes you happy and lets you relax. The right playlist can really help set your mood for the day.

3. Call someone

I sometimes call a friend back home to quickly catch up. Between the time difference and our busy lives, there is barely any time left to catch up. The morning commute gets better when you can have a fun conversion with an old friend. Also, I promise time will fly and you would have reached your destination sooner than you realize.

4. Read

I don’t do this yet. I get very distracted on the train/bus, but if you are someone who enjoys reading, then your commute can be a great time to catch up on those nightstand books. It is different from reading a book at home because during your morning commute no one/nothing will interrupt you. You can be as engrossed as you want. The alternative to reading a book is catching up on the news. I make a sincere effort during my morning commute to stay abreast of what is going on around the world. If I am not in a mood for the news, I listen to podcasts or audio books.

5. Walk

My commute involves car-pooling, taking the train, the bus, and walking. I ensure I walk a short distance every day no matter how tempted I am to hitch a ride. Walking wakes me up and helps me stay fresh. I walk through a beautiful residential area with a nursery and sometimes I stop to explore it. Find your path and incorporate a walk in your commute even if it adds a few minutes. The benefits are worth it and you will feel more active when you get to work.

6. Wear comfortable shoes

Despite immense planning and enriching my commute there are days when I am late. I take my cereal in a mug and rush out. These mornings involve running to catch the train or running to miss the train. Either way, I can’t stress enough on the need for comfortable shoes. My walk is brisk and having comfortable shoes always helps.

7. Commute buddy

That is what I use to enrich my evening commute. As I write this article after a long day, I am waiting for my commute buddy at our meeting point. We discuss our day at work, plan dinner, and catch up. If you are as lucky as I am, you will find a commute buddy who waits for you when you are running late, buys you a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly evening, and fixes you an evening snack while you wait for your ride home.