(Clannad spoilers follow. You have been warned!)

Skip a step, munch anpan

Doki doki kokoro-chan

Gift a starfish, hug a dango

In the library, bento!

Hold hands under the sun

Hey Nagisa life is fun

With you….

On the sloping hill where we met
Your hazel eyes with a timid stare
Leaves waltzing with your hair
Ah glorious days when sun never set!

Pet a cat, kiss the cat

Win a match with a bat

Fight a gang and eat pilaf

Make you blush, see you laugh

Catch an orb, fly a dove

Wahey Nagisa I’m in love

With you….

Cherry trees haven’t blossomed yet
When the tide comes in the shore is gone
And a boy stands still on a cloudy morn
On the sloping hill where we met

A haunted house and empty words

Nagisa it’s the end of the world

Without you.

~Tomoya (probably)