The Stickers of Chicago

I googled “stickers of Chicago” and to my surprise there were only links to purchasing registration stickers for cars. Nothing about the fact the Chicago is covered in stickers, all over everything. I walked around today and since I’ve started school at DePaul taking pictures of the stickers. Since being from Keller, Texas there aren’t as many, or any, stickers placed around the city. The stickers are one of my favorite things about Chicago, they help to express the city. Below are picture of the stickers I have found while being at DePaul and exploring the city.

Now that’s a lot of stickers. Some of the stickers have been repeated, since they are placed multiple times around the city. I like the fact that all these stickers are there, yet these aren’t even all of them. This is only a small portion of the stickers that are actually around the city. They all express certain opinions or ideas. I take notice of the stickers, do you? Next time you are out walking around the city of Chicago, look out for the stickers.

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