Sink or Swim: Jumping in the deep end of the Industry.

Happy New Year! Have you broken your new years resolution yet?

Where have I been? in a short…away.

Finding myself and building on the skills I had, has allowed me to get a new role. A different role than I’m used to but still related to my studies. A great company filled with awesome people. I think here I’ve jumped straight into the deep end of the industry and learning to “swim” to keep up with requirements.

I’ve been pushing myself to keep up and I think after being here for a few weeks I’m adapting. The difference with this role is what you do counts! there isn’t much room for mistake, don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect.

This end of the deep end of the industry where you have to know your stuff when helping customers with queries.

Being in the industry for almost 2 years and still being a fresh graduate there is still some adjusting. Every day the role throws something different but I’m enjoying the variety, keeps it interesting.

Since my last post in November I’ve realized that this industry isn’t straightforward and essential knowledge on certain topics i.e UX isn’t entirely true.

Taking a small break from my blogs was needed to adjust myself and get my foot in the industry. I’ve got a few ideas coming over the next few months so keep an eye out for those. I’d just like to say I’m glad to be back and thank you for coming back to read my blog.

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