The Dodo

The dodo sat on a large rock, suspended over a vast forest of green. Trees shifted softly in response to the cool island breeze, and the scent of salt wafted up from the sea. In the distance, on the ocean, a unusual picture of calm and serenity, the Dodo saw a dot. It cocked its head, intrigued by this interruption of the usual. A feeling of discomfort rippled through the Dodo, replacing the passive content that usually occupied the Dodo’s mind. Shifting from one foot to the other, the Dodo ruffled its feathers, unsure of the approaching image on the sea.

As the day went on, and the sun followed its path across the sky, the Dodo sat and watched as the dot grew. Soon the dot was not a dot anymore, instead a type of vessel with large masts and black billowing sails overtook the attention of the Dodo and the feeling of dread that was merely a whisper had manifested into a voice that spoke to the Dodo, leaving the Dodo with the impression that the arrival of this… vessel, was indeed a very, very bad thing.

Soon, the vessel was on land. Small figures poured over the sides and invaded the beach, running ramped along the peaceful shores of the Dodo’s island, disrupting the sounds of the waves and the movement of the trees with horrible, jarring yowling. Indistinguishable sounds emanated from the shore, these creatures, the Dodo thought, did not belong here. They seemed to be conquerors without bounds, the Dodo had never seen anything such as the apparatus they arrive in, and inferred that they were a type of trouble that would not be fought easily.

From behind the Dodo, came a sound. It was another dodo, curious to see the commotion caused by the creatures on the beach. This dodo, was less cynical of the arrival of these new and unknown species and began to recede from the perk on which the Dodo sat, watching. The Dodo sent this companion a warning glance, but the dodo seemed not to grasp its meaning,and did not seem to comprehend the danger imposed by the trespassers on the beach.

The Dodo watched as this companion waded back into the forest, presumably to gather others and investigate the commotion on the shore. The voice speaking to the Dodo had changed again, turning this time into a clear warning, a signal against the actions that were about to be taken by the others. Anxiety crept into the Dodo’s conscience, a cold sickly feeling of what was soon to come. Shifting back and forth, the Dodo’s eyes remained fixed on the forest directly bordering the beach, waiting for the others to emerge and confront the peculiar yowling organisms on the beach.

A shape appeared on the beach, it was the companion from the rock. The visitors stopped their yowling, stopped their movement and watched as the dodo approached them, slowly, unaware of the eminent danger the Dodo was sure was to come. One of the creatures, presumably their leader, stepped forward slowly, meeting the dodo where their paths collided. A moment passed, silence followed. The creature crouched down, turning its head back and forth surveying the dodo, and periodically yowling back to those remaining behind. It reached out a hand to the dodo, and slowly the dodo approached. The creatures other hand moved across the sand and came to rest on one of the many smooth rocks that populated the shore.

The voice had turned into a scream, the Dodo’s vision was filled with red as the creature’s arm, the one resting on the rock, flew into the air and collided with the cranium of the dodo before it. The dodo collapsed and the creatures yowled, running towards the struck down bird. The dodos hiding in the brush on the edge of the shore erupted in cries, alarmed by the murder of one of their own. This caught the attention of the creatures, who ceased in their noises and looked at the population of birds before them. Slowly, they stood up, grabbing rocks located on the beach around them. To the signal of their leader, they rushed forward, their long legs carrying them swiftly to the dodos, not giving the prey even a chance for escape. The red that the Dodo saw this time was not imaginary, it covered the beach, dying the sand a deep glistening scarlet. The creature erupted in cheers, grabbing the carcasses of the dodo’s and dragging them through the glistening sand back to the vessel they arrived in. As the sun began its descent in the sky, the beach became illuminated, the orange glow of fire cast the shadows of the dodos down from the stakes the humans had speared them with . A sickening smell traveled to the rock on which the Dodo sat, watching. From behind the Dodo, came a noise, the voice in the Dodo’s head escalated into a piercing scream before being quickly silenced by the cold, hard surface of a rock.