(L) Rabbi Ilan Feldman, head rabbi at Congregation Beth Jacob. (R) Adrienne Botos Usadi, a registered nurse, getting a Covid-19 test before she tests others at a pop-up drive through testing site outside of Congregation Beth Jacob in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 25, 2020. Photos: Peyton Fulford for Elemental

What makes Orthodox communities special may give them an extra layer of risk — or an extra layer of protection

Dental practices are high-risk during the pandemic. Here’s what to know before making an appointment.

Photo: Oscar Del Pozo/Getty Images

Unused tech tools and a coordination vacuum between state and local health departments can help explain why contact tracing is not going well

Photo: Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images

A vaccine will be necessary to help the country’s economy

Photo illustration. Sources: alexey_ds/Getty Images, daboost/Getty Images

Lack of coordination and trust caused trouble for the country’s response to the pandemic

Photo illustration. Sources: alexey_ds, Lepusinensis/Getty Images

A rising mortality rate suggests the more lax model means more death

Photo illustration. Photos (Getty Images): alexey_ds; daboost

The country learned tough lessons from the MERS pandemic, and it’s paying off now

Photo illustration. Photos: alexey_ds; daboost/Getty Images

Keren Landman, MD

Infectious disease doctor | Epidemiologist | Journalist | Health disparities, HIV/STDs, LGBTQ care, et al. | kerenlandman.com.

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