12 Pretty Decent Reasons To Quit Your Steady Job
Alex Mathers

Such an awesome article! Quitting your day job isn’t, indeed, for the faint of heart but it makes you grow and become better so much more! It’s very challenging, especially in the beginning, but if you really are a person that cares about their craft and is ambitious, I think it’s a must to at least try for a little bit to go solo. It’s a great way to learn how to talk to potential clients, how to negotiate, how to overcome your fears. If anything, I think it’s way more social than a “steady” job where you only interact with the same handful of people all the time, so there is no new input. Plus a lot of organizations don’t allow for full creative expression, which can dull out your skill set considerably, and later on you can regret it tremendously; not to mention that if you are in a field that requires a portfolio, the majority of the work done under a full time employer won’t be able to be showcased (or published) publicly, so your portfolio will start hurting drastically.

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