So, how will Openbook make money?

I really like the general idea and that someone takes up the task. But I have to say I’m quite sceptical when it comes to newly invented digital currencies for one specific use or platform. I just don’t see people converting their well known and relatively stable currencies into some sort of token that has no reference point for value. It’s a little hard to tell how much a Tip would be actually worth. Some questions: do you plan to partner with someone to make them more widely useable? Do you already have partners who would accept tip payment? DO you plan to make that Tip system open for others to use? Is Tip supposed to be proprietary or a token on some blockchain? Have you assessed some of the new tokens already in the works on different blockchains which already want to build a currency for paying content creators (Steemit, Minds, etc.)? Why did you decide against using them?

Got some more questions up my sleeve but I guess I’ll stick with this for now. I really want to see this succeed, but I don’t see an actual business model yet. And sadly I guess that’s needed for building something like Openbook in the first place. I got one more: did you ever think of membership fees or donation based models?