Cheap Bites for Blazers

Affordable and delicious eats for Benildeans on the go

University life is definitely challenging not only for the mind but for the pocket as well. Students at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde are seen by people as students who are all rich and do not have to worry about budgeting. Well, I am here to tell you that this is definitely not the case. Whether you live in a condo or go home everyday, we all face the struggle of finding cheap and good places to eat especially around Taft. Filling our empty stomachs usually leads to having empty wallets.

This blog aims to help my fellow Benildeans who are on a tight budget or just people who want a good deal for their money. Here are 3 affordable places near the 3 CSB Campuses to go eat that will surely be worth every peso you spend.

1. Stoops — (AKIC Campus)

Located just in front of the AKIC Campus, this restaurant is a must try for students who want a good meal without having to go far from the campus. Stoops takes pride in their famous Bagnet Ilocos which is perfectly crispy and flavorful and comes with a side dish for only 85 pesos. Aside from their bagnet, they also have a wide variety of dishes and combo meals. We were also able to try their Adobong Ilokano for 60 pesos which is a good delicious dish to try if you are not a fan of bagnet. The place might be a bit hot because it is not air conditioned and may use a few more fans but aside from that Stoops is definitely a place that I would recommend and eat often myself.

Stoops (Arellano Corner Estrada Street, Malate, Manila)
Stoops Dining Area
Stoops Menu
Bagnet with TBA side dish (85 php)
Adobong Ilokano (60 php)

Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Budget per person: 90 php

2. Topside — (Main Campus)

If you want to go grab a bite and have classes in the Main Campus then Topside is the place for you. With their simple menu consisting of wings and fries you certainly will not forget your favorite meal to eat. Their menu has 4 different flavors of wings and as well as 3 different kinds of fries. They also have a great variety of drinks to choose from. I was able to try their 2 pcs garlic parmesan wings and their red sea iced tea and I would have to give them a thumbs up for the taste. The wings were a great balance of salty and crunch and the grated cheese gave it a nice cheesy kick while the iced tea was not overly sweet compared to some red teas from different stores. The place has been recently renovated and now has a better ambience. Like Stoops, Topside may be a bit hot but aside from that it is a great deal for your pocket and tummy.

Topside (Leon Guinto, Manila)
Topside 1st floor (Counter)
Topside 2nd floor (Dining Area)
Topside 2nd floor (Dining Area)
Topside Menu
Topside Menu 2 pcs Garlic Parmesan (79 php) and Red Sea Iced Tea (29 php)

Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Budget per person: 110 php

3. Healthy Corner — (SDA Campus)

Now, if you want a good deal, a delicious meal and eat super healthy at the same time, then I would certainly recommend Healthy Corner. Usually healthy and fresh food are expensive but this place sells it in a budget friendly price without having to sacrifice quality and taste. They have a big healthy menu to choose from. They have it all from shakes, lemonade, different kinds of meat, veggies and rice, all the way down to pasta. I tried their black rice and beef meal for 89 pesos and their lemonade for 49 pesos and I have to say that it even tasted better than other unhealthy food. This is for sure a great way to start eating healthy. They are located at UPad so it may be a bit crowded but it is not a deal breaker. Healthy Corner also has a branch beside Stoops which is located in front of AKIC.

Healthy Corner (UPad P. Ocampo Branch)
Upad P. Ocampo Branch (Dining Area)
Healthy Corner Menu
Meat (beef) + Carbs (black rice) (89php)
Fresh Lemonade (49 php)

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Budget per person: 150 php