KLA Schools of Brickell, More Than a Day Care in Miami That Provides Overall Growth for Children

All parents want their children to learn and inculcate best skills, practices and moral values, but often fail to search such good Preschool for them. We suggest you to visit best Preschool in Miami — KLA Schools of Brickell which follows the best learning practices and activities for children based on the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

KlA Schools of Brickell is well known for inculcating best values and preparing children for their future endeavors through their facility, which is more than a Daycare in Miami. Teachers, who are experts on the field, handcraft interactive activities for children. In KLA Schools’ Enrichment programs your children are exposed to various fun learning activities such as Music, Corporal Movement and exposure to Spanish language that helps your children to develop self-expression, better cognitive skills, increase verbal communication and reasoning skills.

Overall development of children is an important aspect in Daycare in Miami so KLA Schools of Brickell offers parent friendly Before/After school program where children are introduced to enriching activities like dance, Tae Kwon Do, ballet, karate, zumba and soccer. Which offer children the opportunity to increase their talent and nurture mutual respect, open-mindedness, and willingness to assist each other and develop a helping character.

Daycare in Miami

When sending their children to preschool parents are often concerned about safety. All the activities at KLA Schools of Brickell, more than a Preschool in Miami, take place under watchful eyes of trained teachers who are well equipped with expertise to handle any situation and keep your children in safe, secure and playful environment at all times.

Programs offered by KLA Schools of Brickell

1. Baby Nido:

Our expert early childhood teachers know the importance of creating a trust filled relationship with our infants. Teachers support children and help them in building a sense of confidence by responding quickly and appropriately to their natural cues. Babies learn and explore the world with all their senses and so teachers here utilize them and provide experiences to things such as paint, clay, sand, light, shadows.

2. Kindergarten:

At this age children are more engaged in planning, discussing and analyzing theories and activities as their sense of curiosity engages them in learning and developing their point of views. Teachers use this to expose your child to more knowledge and things they love. For example: teaching about butterflies while trying to catch one.

3. Summer camp:

Summer camp by KLA schools provides the best opportunity for children to grow and learn from nature. Team building activities and various other games help children to build new and better cognitive skills and also help to learn and build actively helping nature.

4. Before/After School:

Before and after school is a parent friendly program that offers children more opportunities to indulge into interactive activities that happen before and after the normal school timings. During these hours children are exposed to activities such as soccer, ballet, karate and zumba.