I feel like it’s important for me to say this. I hope this gets through to at least 1 person, hopefully way more than just 1, but as long as it’s someone.

You don’t have two options this election. You in fact never do, but it’s important for you to understand that this year. A vote for anything but Hillary is not a vote for Trump. It’s a vote for Gary Johnson. A pretty smart guy that has some great ideas that, what’s really crazy, probably align with your ideals. You have a choice at the ballot. If you choose someone because you believe in their message AND their ability to execute that vision then that is all I ask. But if you vote for someone because “Hillary has already won it” or you DON’T vote because “Trump has already won it” then YOU are the reason this system is broken. Because you’re subconsciously told to believe your opinion doesn’t matter and we that are just observers to the establishment with no ability to make an affect, doesn’t mean it’s true. WE AS AN ENTIRE NATION have the ability to neither elect Hillary NOR Trump. How freaking insane would that be!? An entire nation just gave a giant middle finger to our extremist political party bullshit and went Independent. And what a year to do it. The power to do that is literately IN YOUR HANDS. It’s all up to YOU. You have the power to break the system, to say you are smart enough to recognize how illogical it is to have to pick between 2 extreme points of view to dictate our worlds. This life isn’t black and white. So let’s throw some color up in this place.