Do You Feel Alive?

Just the other day I asked a great friend “What makes you feel alive?” jokingly he answered “Breathing”! I laughed out loud at his always-witty humor…and even though he was joking, it really made me think.

Is being ALIVE just breathing air…in and out, in and out, in and out…an act that just keeps us in a “living state”? Sure, being alive is more than breathing. It is living our daily lives, working, driving, playing, conversing, eating, sleeping, exercising, meditating, connecting, teaching, learning, growing, and the like. But…I feel it is still so much more.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of alive is:

· Having life; living; not dead or inanimate

· Continuing to exist

· Not yet defeated

I’m not sure about you, but these definitions do not exactly match my personal definition of ALIVE –very lackluster. “Having life” is something far different than feeling or experiencing it. I would not want to be described as someone who “continues to exist”. I want to be known as someone who is fully, significantly, and passionately ALIVE!

I believe that feeling ALIVE is not just about existing. It’s more than being content. More than even being happy. I view it as possessing a genuine state of “awakedness”, if you will. A reason to be exited to get up in the morning. Living life to its fullest. Something that pushes you to create. Motivates you from the inside out. Gives you earth-shattering passion. An unbridled sense of urgency.

Can you think of the last time you felt alive? Truly alive? Could it have been…

A perfectly chosen profession..the birth of your own child…a hobby…a soul mate…a great book…inspirational talks with a good friend…making healthy choices…being a servant leader…being a member of a winning team…climbing a mountain…singing at the top of your lungs…writing a poem…riding a roller coaster…getting a degree…or realizing that you are an integral part of this thing called life.

I’m sure you can contemplate many more …think about it. What makes you want to learn more…do more…be more? What makes you feel unequivocally ALIVE?

Day 96


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