The Media is Biased
Dave Pell

Dont read things that claim they are not biased. The Economist says it all the time —” We are the economist, we believe in globalisation and have a jaunty, boyish belief in capitalism. “ So now you know who their daddy is, you can read with the proper frame of mind. Read Milton. Read conservatives. Read rabid anarchists. Read accounts of events by people who are permentantly scared by what they saw. Read Marx. Read Keynes and the freshwaters. Read the NYT and Wapo and WSJ but get to know where they come from-the much reviled but often observant liberal point of view; no they are not great social innovators and are wretchedly sure of their moral stance, but they try to be objective. A lot of this generation of conservatives don’t bother to observe. And read the New York Post — just cuz and all the other tabliods. The big danger is Newscorp. It has no point of view- its just Rupert.