I’m doing triathlon for almost 12 years now and there are some learnings for my entrepreneurial existence which I wanna share with you. Five months from now I’m turning 40 and so I decided to do a last Ironman (instead of buying a red sports cabrio) to fight a coming mid-life-crisis. One last time 3.8km (2.4mi) swimming, 180km (112mi) on the bike followed by an “enjoyable” marathon (42km — 26mi). No worries :), I will continue with triathlon but only up to half ones (Ironman 70.3).

How did I get into triathlon?

First things first, I have to tell you the story how I got into…

Klaus-M. Schremser

Serial-Entrepreneur, Triathlonatic and Tech-Believer (and Loving Father) Founded ★Gentics ★Wikidocs (both got acquired) & ★TriCoreTraining

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