First time hiring a freelancer? Follow these tips

This article originally appeared on DigiServed blog.

Now that you’ve gotten your business off the ground, you’ve realized you need additional help. Maybe you’ve got too much to manage, maybe you’ve got new tasks that you’re not comfortable tackling yourself. This is where a highly skilled freelancer comes in.

When you outsource work, you free your time up to focus on your business rather than the many small tasks that go into maintaining and expanding it. Here’s how you cannot only find the right freelancer but also maximize their skills to get the most out of the assignment.

Here are tips for those venturing into hiring a freelancer for the first time for your team.

  1. Make time to search online talent. This is not something you want to do in a rush. You’ll need to plan some time in your schedule to not only look over prospective freelancers but also to communicate with them and begin a conversation.
  2. Clearly define scope and schedule. Make a list of what your needs are and check them off as you discuss them with your freelancer.
  3. Match your companies needs with their experience. This is not a time to “settle”. If they don’t have a skill that you feel you need, then don’t hire them.
  4. Never make a decision based on price alone or because they have a low price. You might hire a graphic designer because their price is half that of the rest of the freelancers and end up with a project that is less than stellar.
  5. Ask for work examples. This is critical to understanding what a freelancer is able to do. If they have built websites, then ask for the website address and the site owners contact information. This will give you insight into not only their work but how they work with others.
  6. Protect your assets. You may want to have freelancers sign a non-disclosure agreement or in some cases a non-complete agreement. Since the nature of freelance work is to have many clients, this can prevent issues from occurring.
  7. Stay in constant communication. This does not mean speaking every single day but it does mean regularly checking their work like asking for screenshots of their progress if they are working on a creative project.

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