The New Face of Freelancing

In days of old, noblemen and feudal lords in need of extra man power sought out free men willing to use their lances to fight for land and property on their behalf.

It’s doubtful many people remember the origins of the modern-day noun and adjective — it’s meaning these days tends to indicate anyone providing creative services from writing, to proof-reading, to editing, to design and much more.

But just as those mercenary soldiers of old gave the noblemen a much better chance of achieving their empire expansion aims, so the modern freelancer can help companies, individuals and organisations expand.

Freelance Deliverables

While the individual or organisation concentrates on its core business, the freelancer writes the blogs that attract Google rankings, designs the logo that makes a business noticeable or delivers engaging, customer-service friendly digital services such as social media updates.

It is a competitive world out there, but many websites do their utmost to make life difficult for the freelancer. Bidding wars where you are not on a level playing field because you don’t know what others are bidding for jobs, or taking on commissions where you realise you and the contractor are at odds as to what the job actually entails.

Back to those days of old. Perhaps the noblemen invited all of those mercenary soldiers in front of him and roared at them to offer him their best price. Mercenary Solider A offered what he saw as a fair deal, only to realise a few days later that while he thought he was only signing up to fight in the Battle of St Albans, the nobleman expected him to battle at Ludford Bridge, Tewkesbury, Hexham and Bosworth too*.

Pre-packaged Freelance Services

Pre-packaged services neatly extinguish this problem for the freelancer and make freelancing simplier! The services on offer are clearly laid out, so when the contractor buys your services you and he or she understand exactly what is being bought.

Our mercenary solider knows he won’t need to fight at Tewkesbury and Bosworth too, and our contractor recognises he isn’t buying a cheap lance that will break two seconds into the fight, causing him to have to go through the hassle and expense of hiring someone else to do the job properly.

DigiServed gives freelancers a stream-lined website, offering them storefronts where they can display their wares. As a freelancer, you pick what to sell and the service is outlined to those looking to buy. The buyer can’t ask for more that the pre-package sets out, so it creates a much fairer world for freelancer and contractor alike.

Profiles Ready to Go

Bidding wars, cover letters, endless applications — this time-wasting element of the freelance life is removed. And if you already have an existing profile on a freelance website, then DigiServed can import your profile, ratings, reviews, stats and feedback.

No bidding, no interviews and an easy-to-use platform that showcases your finest work… Want to be part of it? Sign up now for freelance freedom and no battle add-ons.

*Battles of the Wars of the Roses, 1455 to 1485