Do Something Fun

Assignment Part 1: Do something…Fun? Probably the single best homework assignment I’ve gotten ever. Several of the ideas suggested seemed like a good idea, card games, board games, watching a movie or TV series. Originally I was going to try and get my roommates together to play a game of “Cards Against Humanity” since it is one of my favorites and never fails to get a laugh out of everyone playing. However, orchestrating a time when there were enough of us around to play was a challenge, so I moved on to idea number 2: watching a TV series.

One of my favorite shows is the office, but I just finished watching it recently and was in the mood for something different. It was then that I remembered that the season premier of one of my favorite shows, “Once Upon a Time” was happening on Sunday! What a perfect coincidence and a reason to snuggle up and chow down on some yummy snacks while watching a favorite show!

I love this show! Excited for it to be back
Waffles are movie food right?

Mind Map (image)

My mind mapping began with the main themes of exercise and fitness, mental health, nutrition, sleep, and medical care. From there my mind wandered to many different places, a lot of them stemming from running, since it is something I devote a lot of time and energy to.

Crazy Mind Map

Mind Map (digitization)

When adding the mind map into the web application, I started with the same things, but added some new ideas as they came to me while creating the new web.

very hard to read, but lots of ideas relating to health and wellbeing!

Suggested Themes

The 3 themes I would like to explore most are that of running, recovery, and a balanced diet. I feel that these 3 things are worth exploring because they are 3 areas that I personally am working on as an athlete and would like to delve deeper into how to make the areas of nutrition and recovery easier to accomplish. I am passionate about running and always looking for new products and things to make it more fun, more comfortable, or more convenient.

10 Silly Ideas

  1. Gluten Scanner
  2. Vitamin Jewelry
  3. Running Shoe Mileage Meter
  4. Normatech Leggings
  5. Pollen Indicator Accessories Kit
  6. Inhaler Hat
  7. Winterized Walking Boot Cast
  8. Essential Oils Serenity Helmet
  9. Chill Time Relaxation Tracker
  10. Melatonin Chocolate
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