A commercial I watched was for the Lincoln MKX. http://youtu.be/fakTNw56mw8 This commercial used by Lincoln is a direct use of one of the 15 advertising appeals. The one that really stands out is the need for prominence. Lincolm is advertising their new design for their MKX but displaying how fancy and stylish the car is. Need for Prominence is displaying the need to be in the upperclass and showing the wealth you may have.

Lincoln uses Matthew McConaughey dressed all sophisticated as a term of wealth. The MKX is the main part of the commercial and what is being advertised, but when it comes down to being prominent the way Matthew and the other individuals are dressed is the dead give away that if you buy this car you will be considered apart of the upper class. Another key detail that plays a role in the need for prominence is the house that is used for the commercial. The house is very well decorated and just by looking at it, you can tell that it is not a middle class house, it is definitely for the more wealthy individuals. No words are really spoken throughout the commercial because everything in the commercial speaks for itself by showing the class it has and how everything is so sophisticated.

The 15 appeals are ways that advertisements are created and every ad you see or commercial you watch, there will be use of at least one appeal. Lincoln hit the need for prominence spot on. Most people in the world want to consider themselves as upper class. This commercial is basically showing and telling the viewers that if they buy the new Lincoln MKX then they can consider themselves a part of the upper class where they have always wanted to be because they think they will get power from it.

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