Something is Cooking

As he opened the door to the apartment, the smell of bacon filled Johns nostrils. Silently the door crept open. John slithered through the opening and gently set his travel bag on the floor. A moment later, John closed the door and turned to survey the room.

Andreea was standing in front of the stove. A chorus of snaps and crackles from the frying pan filled his ears with delicious music. Johns stomach softly gurgled its approval. There was, John thought, no other person on the planet who could cook quite like the auburn haired goddess before him.

Something was not quite right John could sense. Her hair had been longer or at least he remembered it that way. Andreea was quietly humming as she turned the strips of bacon in the pan. What was it John wondered.

Then he noticed a white cloth strap around the back of her neck holding up an apron.

“Did she ever have an apron?”, he thought. It was then that a quick flash light caught his attention. Around her ankle was a silver chain with the word slave in jewels.

“When did she get those?”, he wondered while staring at her black stiletto heels. His eyes drifted up past her ankle and onto her beautiful bare leg. His eyes drank in the loveliness of her legs until he noticed her bare backside.

His eyes widened as he realized that Andreea was naked in front of the stove wearing only an apron and heels. He started to move forward but found it uncomfortable. Within an arms length, he slowly slid his hands up her sides and wrapped them over her warm breasts.

She pushed back against him and wiggled her ample bottom against his groin.

“Mmmm”, she quietly spoke, “I think someone is hungry for something other than bacon. What are you hungry for John?”

“You”, he whispered into ear pressing closer to her body. “Right here.”

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