Growing up as a child, I wanted to be a teacher…i felt it beautiful to talk and spread knowledge…but as I went to school and saw how much we bullied our teachers or made noise at the things they said…I felt different about my dreams…

This held me back from achieving it…my opinion of what others said about me or what they thought of me held me back…with density..I enjoy ended up on TV with a youth show that brought me so much fame that I could hardly believe….Remember about what others thought of me”…I still felt it. This did not make me as confident as I should have been or loved myself the way I should have…I instead lost it to the love from people that loved me for being famous.

I did walk away from home to think through my life….Am in my early twenties and am still learning to define who I am. The things I love to do whole heartedly, my favourite songs and so forth. Am new on medium and I love to read about life experiences and lessons at the end of it all. And right now…am writing my mind.

Thanks for reading😊