While using Team Warren’s Medicare For All Calculator I was surprised and delighted by the ability to populate this prompt with a pre-calculated value:

Screenshot of the Medicare for All Calculator on Elizabeth Warren’s campaign website. The user is asked to estimate how much they spend on health care every year, but there are options to populate the text box with the average spend for US families or single adults.

Clicking a link lets you use the average cost for a family of four or for a single adult— and of course, she cites her sources for these figures.

This is a welcome improvement over the student loan debt forgiveness calculator she provided a few months back:

I’m an entirely self-taught coder. Like many women who came of age in the 00s, I learned HTML and CSS in order to spruce up my profile pages for MySpace and LiveJournal. I didn’t realize how valuable those skills could be until I started creating and editing websites as an…

Screenshot of Workday job application system — the user has uploaded a resume.

After uploading my resume, I stared at this screen for almost a full minute, trying to figure out how to proceed with this job application. I was doubly frustrated, because many companies use this system for job applications, and I run into this issue every. single. time. …

Katelyn Lemay

Brooklyn-based UX enthusiast & technologist | katelynlemay.com

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