The latest Animal Crossing game has been a welcome distraction from the dumpster fire that is our world. I’ve noticed that lots of people who didn’t previously own a Nintendo Switch and/or don’t consider themselves “gamers” have been playing, which I think is fantastic! I’ve also noticed some confusion around how to visit other peoples’ islands and open up your own island for visitors. I recently walked a friend through this process, and thought I’d share here in case it’s more broadly useful.

This post assumes little knowledge of how the Nintendo Switch and its online play features work, but if I’ve skipped over something or my instructions are unclear, please don’t feel shy about asking questions! …

While using Team Warren’s I was surprised and delighted by the ability to populate this prompt with a pre-calculated value:

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Screenshot of the Medicare for All Calculator on Elizabeth Warren’s campaign website. The user is asked to estimate how much they spend on health care every year, but there are options to populate the text box with the average spend for US families or single adults.

Clicking a link lets you use the average cost for a family of four or for a single adult— and of course, she cites her sources for these figures.

This is a welcome improvement over the student loan debt forgiveness calculator she provided a few months back:

A while back, I wrote about . I mentioned that the faculty perspective is often absent from these conversations, meaning that the UX of creating a good UX for students… is bad for instructors. I encountered a perfect example of this while helping to build a course site in NYU Classes, a Learning Management System (LMS) powered by Sakai.

NYU Classes has a tool called “Lessons,” which allows faculty to create structured sequences of material for students. …

I’m an entirely self-taught coder. Like many women who came of age in the 00s, I learned HTML and CSS in order to spruce up my profile pages for MySpace and LiveJournal. I didn’t realize how valuable those skills could be until I started creating and editing websites as an instructional technologist. Once I brushed up on my HTML and CSS, I decided to delve into Javascript in order to further strengthen my front-end skills. It’s been slow going!

Using CodeAcademy, I got familiar enough with Javascript to understand and edit existing code, but I wasn’t able to write my own code. Going through FreeCodeCamp’s Javascript lessons helped to further solidify my understanding, and allowed me to plan, build, and deploy projects all on my own. …

***Note: the images embedded in this article are images of presentation slides, the content of which is discussed in the text of the article.

I work as an instructional technologist in the New York University Faculty of Arts & Science . In effort to keep in line with the University’s commitment to , we organized a panel on accessibility for classrooms and course materials. Our lineup included:

  • A faculty member who has a disability, and who has effectively provided accommodations to numerous students with disabilities;
  • A key stakeholder from NYU IT who is spearheading university-wide initiatives for digital…

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Screenshot of Workday job application system — the user has uploaded a resume.

After uploading my resume, I stared at this screen for almost a full minute, trying to figure out how to proceed with this job application. I was doubly frustrated, because use this system for job applications, and I run into this issue every. single. time. So much for that “Quick Apply” feature.

Finally, I noticed the “Next” button, hidden away in the footer, to the left of the frame I’ve been interacting with. See where my mouse is? THAT’S where I was expecting to click in order to advance to the next screen.

I can’t think of any logical reason for the placement of this button. The Workday system has “Previous” buttons on all other screens, so it’s not like I couldn’t come back if I accidentally clicked “Next.” This isn’t a final submission or action button, so there’s no need to caution the user against clicking it too soon. …

As part of my freeCodeCamp Front End Development certificate, I was asked to which met the following requirements:

  • User can click a button to see a new quote
  • User can click a button to tweet out a quote

Since I want to add this project to my portfolio, I thought it would be useful to explain, in detail, how I approached the process.

Brainstorming / Project planning

Before I start coding, I like to step back and think about what I’m about to build. Seems obvious, but sometimes it can be tempting to jump right into coding! …

I just finished up a one-week workshop on , taught by Jessica Knott from Michigan State University. As an instructional designer, I have been looking for ways to bring UX principles into my work, and Knott’s workshop certainly provided some inspiration. We discussed LX as the intersection of Service Design, UX, and Instructional Design, but I’m particularly interested in the overlap between the latter two.

Peter Morville’s has been widely used in UX workshops and courses since 2004, and provides a blueprint for designing effective and valuable experiences. …

I first joined Twitter in 2008, and found it so boring that I doubted it would ever catch on. I suppose we can call that . Anyway, I joined before it was easy to share images, and now contain images.

Lately I’ve been wondering what it’s like to use Twitter if you have a visual impairment. Most tweets that contain images rely on those images to convey a point, and something is lost in translation if the image is missing. Imagine using a screen reader to read a tweet like this:

Screenshot of marketing email from a bank with subject line “Are you ready to live to 100?”. Accompanying tweet says “At this rate…


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