'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Has Creepy Racial Things Going On
Oxford Kondō

“When the youngest sister, Kitty, draws the eldest sister Margot as a dog, Kitty explicitly says that the dog is Asian, just like Margot.”

This is false. The passage in question is on pages 123–124 of the first book. The family is putting together a care package to send to Margot while she’s away at school.

Kitty adds a picture she has drawn of Margot, who is PETTING the dog. Lara Jean laughs because Kitty has been pestering her dad for a dog non-stop, and she’s used this care package as another opportunity to make her wishes known. She wants an Akita, and she’s drawn Margot petting an Akita.

Kitty asks her dad if the dog is cute, and he says it is, and she says “And it’s Asian too,” stating that Akita is an Asian breed.