How people blindly follow success patterns of others.

During the last few years being ambitious, just graduated and looking for an opportunity for fresh start, I’m faced with the situation of losing myself in a brainstorm of ideas.

I have to admit that as many young people, so do I, I’m still looking for my DO on this wild world of ours. By willing to find my DO I attended different workshops, conferences ext. where people are selling their stories of success. One of them specifically stuck in my head. We were in a small room of let’s say twenty to thirty people, of all generations but mostly young people from 20 to 35. Speakers speech was really well constructed and by each next question less and less people were capable to follow his stories. The reason didn’t lay in boring speaker but because people blindly followed his alter-success and not the simple idea that made it happen. He used a metaphoric speech by using an apple, how he started eating an apple each morning and it feels so good for him. I bet that for most people, that apple was just like potential morning habit or they didn’t even try to understand the background idea. When I look at things I like to take a step back and try to get the whole picture and not just a brief extract of something and then present it as if I know it all and argue my case not fully aware of the matter.

That being said, I would like to emphasize that just being at these idea selling conferences and workshops wont bring you success by its self. But being there actively and reflecting what you have heard and learned into your everyday life could do just that.

Like the idea of an apple, it’s not about how healthy they are, but more about how you should take your life in your hands and improve your personal habits. Start a day based on day by day things, like making the bed each morning for example. Those, at the first glance small things will become important. More and more habits will bring you success and I totally believe that by putting a little order in your life, will make your mind and ideas become clearer.

Yet, you won’t have to waste any more of your precious time for hunting the alter-success of others, but success will come to you at the right time and then you’ll know what’s you’re DO.