Google’s adsystem is screwed

Apple just introduced a killer ad function which is very bad for Google. Seriously think about it, a script that blocks every ad that Google provides. Don’t tell me that Google isn’t getting very nervous from this.

But this was a long in the making, for me personally it started with adblock plus. It was a relief to be honest. No more annoying ads. Although to be honest most ads from google were product related, at the time of search.

Google adsense and adwords was blessing for the newspaper industry. They had at one point no outlet for their ads and content. For the most part some of them react really slow and keep complaining. Their ad revenue is obviously declining but don’t do anything about it or waste their time and money on suing companies like adblock plus. Most of them can’t keep up with innovation happening in content creation and making money from it.

So google’s system up for a change, because script of programs like 1blocker and adblock just see right through it.

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