Maybe if i ask 7 times. Why 7 times? 7 in numerology being the perfect number, God created the whole wide world in 7 days. no better amount of time to ask than 7. then maybe i’ll get a perfect answer.

why is my natural,big, thick, and juicy lips are considered as ugly, they even make grotesque looking like cartoon to mimic me. but praises the vanilla, milky flesh who went and pay thousands to have what i been having since creation?
Why is she called Becky with the good hair, the long silky, brunette, blonde, auburn, black curly, wavy, straight indeed look beautiful cause God created it, but God also created the thick coarse curly, coil kinky, Afro 4a, 4b, and 4c. now honey i got 4c and i ‘m beautiful.
Why they hate my skin color ,my melanin, my essence, so much but will risk getting skin cancer by trying to look a little like me , like what they hate so much. like that girlfriend who hate that dress on you , but swear it will look good on them?
Why my thick, voluptuous, firm and grab-able booty that is in unity with my thighs make them call me fat , ridiculous, they once put me in a zoo where people came and looked at me like a new specie found in the animal kingdom. but is willing to lay in a bed get cut, and injected to look ridiculous with a paid for booty to look just like me?
Why is it that when i talk proper as a result of intense studying and hunger for knowledge,and excellence i’m told i talk, and act like them,or told i talk proper for a black women.

why is it that i’m consider to be the least beautiful, and feminine out all ethnicities of women because of who i’m, how i look, because of my strength?

why do you feel that way about me is it hate , is it envy, or maybe i’m not the problem at all. are you self hating, but why? cause you my dear is beautiful too, and this i know. How you ask? during the 7 days when things and living being were created, you were also made by His Mighty Hand so you are therefore perfect in your category, matter fact we all are spread the word and stop the hate.we are perfect as we were made, for God never make mistake


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