THE API Revolution

The API revolution

There’s an APP for everything today. Order a cab or order a pizza, share photos, book a flight or movie shows. All thanks to web API’s.

What is an API?

Application programming interface.

The API is set of funtions or procedures used by a computer programs to access from OS, software libraries or other systems. API’s are growing exponentially every year.

These commands allow a program to communicate and interact with the system. E.g:

Most common API’s:-

-> Social media plugins

-> Video embedding

Types of API:-

-> SOAP API (Simple object Access Protocol)

This is widely used as every operation and structure is defined. Every input parameter is alos defined.

-> REST API (Representational state transfer)

Architectural style not standart protocol. Follows the OOP order.

What are web API’s?

-> It is used for exchanging information with a website, either by receiving or by sending data. A web API typically consists of multiple publicly exposed endpoints that accept HTTP requests and respond with the requested data, typically in the form of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Some well known web API’s :- Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter.

Private API’s?

-> Provides a langauge independent interface. In order to access that API you must be a part of that small group.

Mostly used in private hospital for sharing records or credit card companies.

Third party API’s?

One API can be used for many other apps. E.g: Expedia, Salesforce, Foursqaure.

Future of API’s:-

With the rise in social media, API’s are going to climb. Facebook and Twitter integration in your apps and website causes need for more API’s.

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