10. Drink & Read

I’ve had some really great beer this week. From Brewdog’s Elvis Juice to Aegir Project’s Hopricot- both world-class beers in their own rights. As I’m (trying) growing in the beer world, expanding my knowledge and making great beer friends along the way, I’m often fortunate enough to receive some of the most sought-after beers in SA, from within these networks. It’s truly a blessing.


At this year’s Capital Craft Beer Festival, there were many great beers from the best in the industry in the country. But a small, family-owned brewery, from way up north, scooped up best beer for the festival, with their Mjolnir (Hammer of Thor) IPA- a well-deserved win, as many of the bloggers and enthusiasts on the day would agree. However, the beer recently won a gold medal in London at the International Beer Challenge.

Not only GOLD for Thor’s Hammer, but they also bagged “Brewer Of The Year- Africa”.

This is a real proud moment for our industry, but especially for small brewers. It reaffirms the notion that money and big shiny tanks doesn’t make for world class beers. As Theo, the Brewer at Anvil said on Facebook yesterday, “twenty-one months of hard work paying off”.

This IPA is loaded with citrus notes, and almost too good on the nose to want to take a sip. But it tastes equally as beautiful as it smells. With an explosion of passion fruit, mashed with grapefruit, it packs a good punch at 6%, but good enough for seconds, or thirds.

I had three of them, with only one left in the fridge. But I guess finally I’ll have to make that trip up to Dullstroom in the summer. I heard it’s quite the beauty.


You HAVE to watch this incredible video of the Gurung people of Nepal, who’ve been getting high on honey for centuries- honey that they risk life and limb for (in my opinion), if you look at where they go to fetch it. But apparently there’s some psychedelic side-effects of eating this honey. Imagine if you put in a beer, hmmm….

“The hipster is a capitalist.”

That quote was enough for me to be interested to read what they have to say about only the most creative generation to ever live- good and bad.

Peace to you,


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