6. Drink & Read

We (wife and I) left for a quiet weekend away to Mabalingwe Nature Reserve. And, if you know me, I’m the least nature kind of person you’ll ever come across. I cannot stand animals, of any kind. I struggle to appreciate animals, and stare at them for hours, and take around 50 photos of the same elephant taking a dump. It’s just not me.

Needless to say, I had a great time. I was without my phone for the whole weekend, but took a mixed case of beer along with me.

Drink & Read 22.08.16:


L’abri Fountain Brewery got their license in 2008 already, and started brewing right away. So they are no strangers to the many phases and changes the SA beer industry has undergone. Yet, they are as down to earth, as raw and rugged as farmers and brewers can get. No pretense.No fancy glasses. No tasting room. And JUST a 45L brewing system. But beer as good, and fresh (if not more) as any of the cool kids on the block.

We had a good few of their lager, which is perfect for the Bosveld sun, but also their choc mint stout- a lighter stout, and not as thick and dark as they come. We tasted their upcoming summer weiss, their IPA, as well as their latest blond ale.

Surely a good place to stop if you’re up north of city.


Car mechanics often are the punchline to many a jokes. But in this photoshoot, they turned the tables. They retook old renaissance photos 9from a mechanic’s shop).

A (childless) woman who’s kinda tired of hearing about her biological clock ticking:

“…However, is it possible that my fantasy is telling me now that parenthood is really not something I want, but rather feel obligated to take part in? You know, like going to Coachella, but even more expensive. I guess the only real answer right now is that I’ll have to just wait and see…”

Happy Drinking & Reading.

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