5. Drink & Read

It’s been a crazy week, for me, and around the world. With the Olympics in full swing, and another police shooting in the States, the chasm between global unity and local segregation has been widened. And it will take a Mandela, Malala, or MLK jr. type miracle to salvage us from destroying ourselves.

Here is my Drink & Read for the week:


While I’m no stranger to the “world of Cocoa Psycho- the purest and darkest liquid dimension indulgence” from Brewdog- it is a beer I delight in more often than I should. For the simple reason that this beer is more a treat, a special dessert, rather than a kick-my-feet-up-and-watch-Tv-with-a-beer type of brew.

This Imperial Stout hits you at 10% ABV, and gives you much to delight, or struggle through. because it’s bold, bitter, strong, and don’t take kak- much like your old gramps after a halfie scotch.

I bought it for an unbelievably cheap price, so I took everything that was left on the rack. While two are aging, after this one, I have one more left to indulge in.

Strong flavours of roasted coffee, a bit of dark fruits, as well as vanilla, would make this beer a great wingman for a real good ole South African Malva pudding.


Stone Brewing in the U.S. is set to open a hotel (yes, a freakin hotel). Can you believe this? Well, this is the 21’s century, where man could skydive from space, so what’s surprising about one of America’s biggest breweries opening their own hotel?

Police shootings should stop. Period.

A Coloured South African won gold in the 400m Olympic South African. It’s a proud moment for our country. But more so, it sends a message to the Coloured community, that their story is not forgotten.

Happy Drinking & reading.