My Boot Camp experience so far

It’s Day 3 of Bootcamp and Day 2 of Home study, a lot to talk about, but i will keep it short.

Though it’s home study day, i decided to go to the EPIC Tower to study and code, because Andela provides an environment for bootcamp participants to come in daily and without interruption.

It’s suppose to be a day without interruption but there was a fire drill that required every one in the building to come out of their offices and make use of the stairs to the ground floor. Proper directions were give as over 60 people were rushing down the stairs. Head count was made to determine missing persons if any.

Coding proper began and i spent most of my time debugging than actually coding, the deadline is fast approaching with new information that the expected result for the week will be required a day early. Every hand is on deck, every one is seriously coding and trying to accomplish their task.

It’s 4:15 pm now, and i can guarantee that bootcamp participants won’t be sleeping this night. cheers.