My Bootcamp Experience So Far

Its Day 2 of Boot camp and Day 1 of Home study, Not much to talk about, but more activity nonetheless. Everyone is to study were ever they choose, and i chose home.
I haven’t slept for more than 5 hours in the last 37 hours. Time flies so fast as expectations are to be met, I indulged in sessions of coding, learning, practice and implementation. it’s time consuming but imperative.

The day Involved code review of the previous day’s task, and making changes with respect to the feedback I received from my LFA(BFA), and also implementation of object oriented programming concepts in EcmaScript 6 before the stipulated deadline.

Feedback Assessment / Score sheet i received indicated that i need beat deadlines and become more of a team member. I know it’s importance cannot be over emphasized and I am already working on it.

It’s exciting here at Andela, the boot camp is indeed fast pace, i’m getting a hang of it.

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