SEPTA: Let’s get there faster together.

BSL — City Hall Station


Wait, it’s a Mastercard too? What?
  • The Broad Street Line averages 124,218 riders per day from NRG Station (formerly known as AT&T Station) to Fern Rock Transportation Center.
  • The Market-Frankford Line averages 187,449 riders per day from 69th Street Transportation Center to Frankford Transportation Center
  1. User-Centered
  2. Co-Creative
  3. Sequencing
  4. Evidencing
  5. Holistic


“So is this side East? West? I’m walking already so I guess I’ll find out…”
“What is this sign trying to tell me? Is this a joke? For real tho?”
  1. Riders waste time walking up and down different tunnels because they’re not sure which direction is which.
  2. Riders walk through the wrong tunnels and end up on the wrong platform which is going the opposite direction of where they need to go.
  3. Riders take the wrong exit and come out on the wrong side of the street.

Design Challenge






from the east coast to the east bay and back. product designer @quilhealth.

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Karl Li

Karl Li

from the east coast to the east bay and back. product designer @quilhealth.

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