6 Steps to Kick-Starting a Healthier YOU

I’ve put together 6 simple steps to help you become a stronger version of yourself. A lot of my inspiration and advice has come from personal experience in the midst of struggling to change my life. You can learn more about my journey here. Enjoy!

1. Identify 1 Goal You Want to Focus On

Start with identifying one goal you want to achieve. It can be as simple as building muscle, losing weight, increasing strength and endurance, getting proper sleep, or eating more nutritious meals throughout the week. 
Whatever it may be, choose one goal to start off with. This goal should be your number one priority and have significant meaning to you. Common advice is to start small and work your way up. While that approach has been proven successful, I want to challenge you. Pick a goal based on what’s important to you. If it seems ridiculous or too difficult, don’t discard it. What seems impossible now can one day become your reality! So don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. 
Last year I set out to accomplish two things: build muscle and eat healthier. That’s it. Keep it simple. You don’t want to take on too much you can’t handle.

2. Plan for Attack

Examine your life in its current state. Are you satisfied with your body? Are you tired of sacrificing your health? Is there anything inhibiting you ? Does any of this even matter to you?

Make a list of your questions, obstacles, challenges, and journal your thoughts. Take your time with this and search deep within for answers. These questions are designed to make you conscious of where you stand. Just be prepared to see things for what they are and be 100% honest with yourself.
Following this, write down what you need to do to work towards your goal. Do you need to find a gym or should you eat a hearty breakfast to start the day? Maybe it’s about finding a good workout routine? Or could you limit drinking a soda with every meal?

Whatever you decide, start somewhere and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid create a plan and refine it later down the road. What I purchase at the grocery store today looks a lot different than what I bought a year ago when I officially decided to buy less processed foods.

3. Make Room

When preparing to make a lifestyle change, your body is going to resist you. We don’t like change and we’ll put up a good fight to settle back to our old habits. Don’t get in the way of yourself. Open yourself to the change. And don’t let excuses stop you from living the life you want to live. We’ve all played the victim of life. Our schedules have become too busy, there’s no time to workout, it’s expensive, you may not enjoy exercise. If you find yourself saying these things, I want you to know you’re more than capable of having a successful outcome. I’ve seen it for myself!

If the idea of health is something you take lightly then the majority of time you dedicate to heath will be spent lightly. You have to WANT this so bad that you’ll create the space and the time to get results.

With 168 hours in a week and 730 in a month I think we can all find 5 hours at the gym and a couple extra hours preparing healthier meals throughout the week to make a difference.

4. Give It Some Time

Get comfortable with the idea that making progress takes time — a long time. Start to think in terms of years rather than months. Health is an investment not a loan. In order for me to reach my desired physique, it’s going to take a couple years and I have to accept that. This doesn’t have to be the case for you. Fitness culture always flaunt full body transformation diets and workouts guaranteeing success in 60 days or less. Sometimes it can be done, but it’s rare and not so easy. Everyone’s body responds differently. Don’t buy into the shortcuts. Instead rely on consistency and hard work for the long haul.

5. Commit to Consistency

Some days you’re not going to want to go to the gym. And you’ll be looking for motivation. While I think motivation is great, it will almost never last. It comes as quickly as it goes. You need something sustainable like consistency. Dedicate yourself to it. If you commit to looking a certain way or changing your diet, it’s tempting to forsake your goal when you’re just not feeling it. But if you root yourself in the realm of consistency you’ll almost always overcome the resistance. Why? Because consistency doesn’t care about how you look and feel. It doesn’t want to know about your goals and reasons for why you’re doing this. What only matters is did you do what you had to do? Consistency requires only action.

6. Messing up Is Okay. Quitting Isn’t

Lastly, becoming a healthier you isn’t about following all the rules or eating the perfect diet every day. It’s about the journey. Face it, you’re going to mess up. Accept it and when you do just pick up where you left off, BUT never stop. Don’t give up. Keep going and I guarantee you’ll see results.