An Open Letter to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee:

I am writing to you today to alert you to a situation I experienced while walking down Polk Street, not far from where you work, Mr. Mayor, that will almost certainly haunt me for the rest of my days. Walking south on Polk Street between Geary and O’Farrell I heard a blood-chilling screech about 15 yards behind me maybe 20 feet up. I turned just in time to see what I can only assume was a Red Tail Hawk swoop down onto a group of pigeons who scattered at the sight of this well-evolved predator. One poor pigeon stumbled though and just as it got into the air the raptor slammed into the pigeon and crushed its razor-sharp talons into its prey’s organs. The hawk appeared to bounce once, twice and then up spread its wings and flew off clutching the dying bird. There were a bunch of ravens making a racket but they couldn’t actually do anything. Just another day in the city by the bay though, just go about your business.