Ethnographic Research
Shawn Bouton-Keith

Hey Shawn,

I like how you thought of questions using the 5 Ws technique, so classic and works so nice. I like how you unpacked your interviews, theres so many ways to do it and your process looked so smooth, leading to quick answers for you. I wish you would’ve elaborated during your post a little more. I feel like that would’ve added a lot to your creative process. I wish I would’ve been able to go to a wedding for these interviews/observations. A wedding has to be the perfect place to observe love for obvious reasons. What if you didnt’ write during your inteviews & had instead just listened to them? Do you think you would’be caught some information that you didn’t? What if you woud’ve added color to your unpacking process? Do you think that would’ve added anything to your process?

Hope this helps,

Tulley Kline.

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