Do something fun: 9/25/2016 (unsure of what I’m going to do yet)

Mind Map (Image): 9/23/2016

Mind Map (Digitization): 9/25/2016

Suggested Themes: 9/26/2016

10 Silly Ideas: 9/23/2016–9/27/2016


Do something fun: This last weekend my parents visited the Twin Cities to come to the U of M football game with me, and I mentioned that I had to do something fun that we weren’t planning on doing. We came up with the idea to go on Segways! We went Segway riding on Friday 9/23/2016. I was not planning to go Segway riding at all this past weekend. I was only planning on going to the U of M game with my parents.Pictures:

Mind Map (image): I initially did my mind map on paper, so here is a picture of it:

Mind Map (digitization): Here is the digital version of my mind map.

Suggested Themes: The 3 themes I’m particularly interested in are:

  1. Causes and solutions to stress
  2. Vaccinations
  3. Diet/Healthy Eating

10 Silly Ideas:

  1. Pepper Spray Phone Case

2. Suction cup devices that detect if you are exercising.

3. Shake weight protein shake.

4. Vegetable chip.

5. Home automatic massage.

6. Exoskeleton that resists movement to burn calories.

7. Device on tooth detecting food and you have to record calories eaten.

8. Fun syringes for kids.

9. Filters in dams.

10. Frisbee cater/thrower.

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