Meet Jameson, Scooper Of Delicious Ice Cream, Not Creator Of Expensive Whiskey

Jameson is on the right, holding a chocolate dog, next to his coworker, Darianne, holding a chocolate bowling pin.

Jameson has seen some shit.

It’s only been three weeks since Jameson started work at the Milwaukee Public Market, specifically at the little dessert shop, and an elderly customer has already asked him to share an apartment.

But, with or without creepy, old dudes, the Milwaukee Public Market is still a fun place to work for Jameson, a student at UW-Milwaukee. It’s the stories that keep it interesting.

Of course, the market isn’t all goofiness. Usually, Jameson is pretty busy serving customers, especially after lunchtime. The most popular ice creams are Pirate’s Bounty and Mint Chocolate Chip — but his favorite is Superman. The most popular candies are the chocolate turtles — but his favorite are the Almond Joy clusters. It’s a simple job, and that’s why it only took him a day or two to learn the ropes from his coworker, Darianne.

How did Jameson even start working there, anyways? It’s, again, a simple answer.

“I was working for my friend’s dad, moving stuff,” he remembers. “He just asked if I wanted a job at an ice cream shop.”

So far, things have been pretty good and, like I said before, also…interesting.

“He’s already met the Cinnabon Bear Lady,” chimes in Darianne, working the cash register. “She frequently brings us cookies with her guy friend— still not sure if he’s a boyfriend, husband, or whatever.”

So, there’s regulars at the Milwaukee Public Market. But customers aren’t the only people who are familiar to Darianne.

“All the vendors are good friends with each other,” an excited Darianne says. “It’s like a family. We had a barbecue on Fourth of July.

“Everyone came, except the people at The Green Kitchen. I don’t really know any of them.”

The two even admit to trading food with other vendors. Their favorite is the chocolate covered gummy bears in their booth. (“Don’t let my boss see this,” says Darianne.)

The Milwaukee Public Market is a great workplace for Jameson and Darianne. They’ve experienced a lot of weird requests, made friends with coworkers, and, of course, tasted a lot of good food. The third activity is, after all, their favorite part of the job…besides the stories.

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