My Reflection, October Eleventh

me, reflecting especially hard today

Today, I changed around a bunch of stuff in one of my past Medium posts.

Gary, my editor, actually did most of the changing-around. I just fixed the spelling errors he pointed out and took the advice he wrote in the margins.

In the end, I felt pretty stupid. Here’s some stuff I said:

“A wide assortment of hobbies and interests — especially if so unrelated — might hide behind a neutral appearance or mundane personality, and that makes them difficult to discover.”
“Gary can’t be defined, like most people, and, also, like his hair.”

A maze of mumbo jumbo, a corn field of commas, and a little, red error on a huge, white piece of paper.

That is what I think of those things.

But I fixed ’em. I corrected the spelling error. Then, I shorted that comma-ridden sentence. Lastly, I deleted the first example. (The same idea was conveyed in the introduction, so yeah.) Afterwards, I switched up some wording.

I was able to fix everything so quickly because I had a different set of eyes to proofread and edit the paper. In the end, my paper was easier to read for everyone. It did its job better. In some parts, it gave my words a new purpose. That’s teamwork at its best. That’s why we edit.

Check out the new, gotta-have-it, hot and fresh-out-the-kitchen version of my article, which I like at the moment and will probably hate a lot in the distant future! (Haha, that’s how writing works, I’ve found).

me, reading this post in the future on my contact lenses, probably