Reflection Essay, 9/20/16

I learned a lot today.

I entered the market in good spirits. A field trip at one of the coolest places in Milwaukee? Sign me up. I was loving this out-of-the-classroom stuff we’d been doing lately.

And then I read the assignment.

One of the common themes for me throughout this class has been overcoming the fear of speaking to strangers. Again, I was confronted with this today. When I received the assignment, I read that I was not only interviewing a stranger, but also someone outside of our group of students. I had to ask questions to people who did not expect to be asked questions.

Guess what? It turned out to be totally awesome.

After a few awkward, structured questions and answers, my interview with this stranger developed into a free-flowing conversation. It was honestly hilarious. He told me great stories. Other students helped me with the conversation and chimed in. His coworker even started talking to us!

It felt so amazing to feel like I was making a connection. I would otherwise have never been in contact with him or his coworker. Isn’t that cool?

Today made me fall in love with journalism again. I entered Marquette as a journalism major but switched to advertising quickly. I love advertising and will stick with it forever, but writing and meeting people will always have a special place in my heart. Hopefully I’ll find a way to incorporate both into my career someday.

So, that is how I struggled, learned, and progressed today. It was lots of fun, and I ate some good food too!