How on Earth did this happen? Patent Trolls edition.

I love John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight and actually hope that one day the frequency of his show is going to be increased to more than just once a week. Him being a graduate of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show means he had a great mentor and to his credit, he learned well. With Colbert Report vanishing into the abyss, John and Jon are my main sources of following US politics on TV these days. Sincerely hoping that TV networks would make a trend out of investigative journalism sprinkled with comedy programs like these, because mainstream news/news channels are clearly competing for ‘Who is more hideous?’ award. But I digress.

Last Sunday John touched upon a very interesting subject — patent trolls. I have heard about this before, however have never realized that it has now become an industry with strong lobbying power in Washington. The amount of money these people are extracting is unbelievable and it is really shameful to see Senate not doing anything about it. Basically, it’s another money making machine that is built on disgrace and a complete absence of morals.

With talks going around that Silicon Valley start-up scene is a bit shaky with less companies going through IPOs, this seems surprising. My image of US and innovation has always been idealistic I suppose, For me, despite growing platform for start-ups in Europe, US was the factory of innovative ideas. With Patent trolls emerging as a worrying trend, I genuinely have no idea, what turmoil companies have to go through. Has anyone patented our intake of oxygen yet?

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